Laser slotting

The low-k film applied to the insulating film of high-speed logic components has low mechanical strength. If ordinary blades are used for cutting, the risk of low-k film peeling will occur. This process of removing low-k film and corresponding wiring layer by laser is laser slotting process.


Laser slotting process

First cut two fine grooves (slots) in the cutting path, and then use the grinding wheel blade to carry out full cutting in the middle area of the two fine grooves. By adopting this processing technology, the production efficiency can be improved, and the processing quality problems caused by bad factors such as cracking and delamination (film peeling) can be reduced or even solved.


Process example

Thin wafer cutting of GaAs compound semiconductor

In the cutting process, GaAs wafer is easy to be damaged and cracked because the material is very brittle. Therefore, it is difficult to use the existing blade to improve the cutting speed. Using laser full cutting, processing can be carried out at a feed speed ten times faster than blade cutting, so as to improve the output. (this is just an example. The actual speed depends on the wafer to be processed.)


Pursue machining accuracy and operation convenience

Since the non heating processing mode, i.e. short pulse laser cutting technology, is adopted on the full-automatic laser cutting machine del7161 suitable for 300 mm wafer to remove the low-k film and copper and other metal wiring on the cutting channel, the influence caused by heating can be eliminated to the greatest extent in the slotting process. In addition, the device is also equipped with LCD touch screen and graphical user interface (GUI), which makes the operation more convenient.


Section photo of cutting path

* After the π laser slotting, the grinding wheel blade is used for step cutting.

Cutting quality

The short pulse laser is focused on the wafer surface for irradiation. The laser pulse is continuously absorbed by the low-k film. When a certain degree of heat energy is absorbed, the low-k film will vaporize instantly. Due to the principle of interaction, the vaporized material will consume the thermal energy of the wafer, so it can be processed with little thermal impact.



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