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Lumi Laser-Provide laser application scheme
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For semiconductor manufacturing, we provide wafer laser slotting machine, wafer laser invisible cutting machine, wafer marking machine, etc.

Industry solutions

We are committed to R & D, production and sales of all kinds of ultra precision laser equipment for industrial applications, mainly used in semiconductor wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, consumer electronics and other related processing fields。

  • Laser total cutting

    Laser total cutting

    Laser total cutting

  • Laser slotting

    Laser slotting

    Laser slotting

  • Invisible cutting application technology

    Invisible cutting application technology

    Invisible cutting application technology

Compound semiconductors such as GaAs (gallium arsenide) are used in high frequency devices. When using the existing diamond blade to cut compound semiconductor, the feed speed is slow and it is difficult to obtain high productivity. With the trend of high integration, high-strength thin chip manufacturing technology based on SIP (system in package) and other technologies has become necessary. However, with the use of blade cutting, the cutting difficulty increases as the wafer thickness becomes thinner.

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The low-k film applied to the insulating film of high-speed logic components has low mechanical strength. If ordinary blades are used for cutting, the risk of low-k film peeling will occur. This process of removing low-k film and corresponding wiring layer by laser is laser slotting process.

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Stealth cutting is a cutting method that focuses the laser on the inside of the workpiece, forms a modified layer inside the workpiece, and divides the workpiece into chips by expanding the adhesive film.

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