What are the functional features of laser cutting machine?

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With the gradual maturity of laser technology, the laser cutting machine is also constantly updated in recent years. The cutting efficiency, cutting quality and cutting function of the laser cutting machine are further improved. Suppliers of large-scale laser cutting machines believe that laser cutting machines have changed from a single cutting function to multi-functional equipment, and began to meet more needs. From a single industrial application to applications in all walks of life, the application scenarios are increasing. Automatic edge finding is one of many new functions. Today, I'd like to briefly introduce the automatic edge finding function of laser cutting machine.

In the process of industrial production, laser cutting is a widely used technology. Suppliers of large laser cutting machines believe that in the processing field, about 73% of the processing operations need to be completed through laser cutting technology. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting technology has high precision, strong adaptability, low noise, good cutting quality, and waiting point has been widely used. At the same time, for some complex processing operations completed with the help of large abrasives, with the application of laser cutting technology and optical fiber laser cutting machine, not only do not need abrasives, but also the cutting quality can be guaranteed. In the process of reducing production costs, the production efficiency is improved.

With the cooperation of camera positioning vision system and computer software, the laser cutting machine can automatically track and compensate the metal plate in the whole process on the premise of controlling the cutting accuracy. In the past, if the plate was placed on the bed obliquely, it may affect the cutting quality and cause obvious waste of the plate. Suppliers of large laser cutting machines believe that once automatic edge detection is used, the cutting head of the laser cutting machine can sense the inclination and origin of the metal plate. By adjusting the cutting process, it can adapt to the angle and position of sheet metal, avoid the waste of raw materials and ensure the quality of cutting accuracy. This is the automatic edge finding function of laser cutting machine.

In the automatic edge finding function of laser cutting machine, it is mainly set in X and Y positioning. Suppliers of large-scale laser cutting machine think it can also be simply regarded as the pattern cut according to the size of the product and the need. After the sensor is started, it will be automatically recognized, while CCD has recognition and more functions, which can effectively save manual operation time, which is also the reason why many users choose this function.

Large laser cutting machine suppliers believe that the automatic edge finding cutting technology of laser cutting machine reflects the advantages of fast cutting speed and high precision of optical fiber laser cutting machine. After the laser cutting machine starts the automatic edge finding function, the cutting head can start from the specified point and calculate the inclination angle of the plate through the position of two vertical points on the plate, so as to adjust the cutting process and complete the cutting task. In the processed materials, the weight of the plate can reach hundreds of pounds, which is very inconvenient to move. Using the automatic edge finding function of the laser cutting machine, the inclined plate can be processed directly, reducing the manual adjustment process.



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