Application and development trend of laser cutting machine in ships

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"Precision manufacturing", as the top of the industrial chain, is the core and lucrative part of profits. Under the general situation of the overall revitalization of China's manufacturing industry, "precision manufacturing" has become the last short board restricting China's economy, and it is an important short board. Aircraft represented by Airbus and Boeing, cars represented by GM and Volkswagen, and ships represented by aircraft carriers and luxury cruise ships all need a large number of precision manufacturing products. Among them, the shipbuilding industry is mainly made of steel plate raw materials, so there are high requirements for the processing of raw material steel in terms of precision, speed and production capacity. With the rise of laser cutting technology, laser cutting machine has been widely used in shipbuilding industry.

Instead of traditional stamping, plate shearing, plasma and other cutting methods, laser cutting technology has occupied the mainstream market of sheet metal processing in the whole shipbuilding industry. Laser cutting technology brings high efficiency and high precision metal processing, ultra short production cycle and low production cost to the shipbuilding industry. For ship plate cutting, laser cutting has the advantages of high cutting precision, small thermal deformation, reducing secondary processing (such as milling, drilling, etc.), transfer and grinding, especially small circle, small hole and curved surface processing. It meets the requirements of ship section transfer accuracy and can fully ensure that the assembly clearance of the frame is controlled within 1mm, But its practical cutting speed in steel is worse than that in plasma cutting. This provides a guarantee for the device quality of shipbuilding industry, so as to reduce the workload of assembly, assembly cycle, waste of materials and labor costs.

China is a large manufacturing country and known as the world factory. As early as November 2017, the number of new orders received by China's shipbuilding industry surpassed South Korea and jumped to the first in the world. However, China's R & D investment in the field of marine equipment is seriously insufficient, the green technology in the shipbuilding process is still relatively backward, and there is still a gap between high-end shipbuilding capacity and Japan and South Korea.

As a non-contact, non pollution, low noise and material saving green processing technology, laser cutting machine has begun to show the characteristics of digital automation, intelligent and flexible processing. With the large-scale installation of high-power lasers independently developed in China, it has forced the imported laser products to further reduce the price.

The market space of laser processing system equipment shipbuilding is expected to be gradually opened, and the large-scale popularization of laser cutting and welding technology in the shipbuilding industry is just around the corner.



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